A Million Notes To Myself

I see you, yes I know you are there and one day I will share you with the world. All versions, the grateful me, the angry me, the sad me, the healing me, the confused me, and my most favorite,

The Happy Me‚̧ԳŹ

Let’s face it, we’re not perfect in fact we are perfectly imperfect. We build and we grow everyday it’s amazing the human things we do.

We can go from sobbing, to motivating ourselves to get up and make a change in a split second. I don’t know minds but I think I know my mine or so I try?

So maybe this is why I got a million notes to myself. Sometimes when I’m angry I say to myself “I’m gonna write this #%^* down so I can remember, so when I try to give in and be nice I’ll remember”.

Ummmmmm yeah right! I don’t have it in me to hold grudges, I love to love, I love to be happy and so I just let things go hoping either one of the ones involved will learn from this moment and grow and let go of karmic patterns.

Life is full of many many moments so I guess it’s best we stay present, pick our battles wisely and keep being honest with ourselves knowing that happiness is real but so is all the other stuff. So validate it all no matter what but always choose to be the better version of yourself.

We got this! ‚̧ much love!

Total Solar Eclipse¬†in LAS VEGAS


It has been 99 years since we’ve experienced this beautiful moment! I have always been intrigued by all the activity in the sky, things like Smoke Rings, Super Moons, Planetary Alignments and of course Total Solar Eclipses!

Well, today I actually got to witness this¬†for the first time with my own eyes LITERALLY and it was phenomenal!!!!!!! I was hoping not to go blind after this since I was seeing orange patches on the wall, right after lol horrible right? I didn’t have eclipse¬†glasses but I had to see this because the next one won’t be for awhile¬†and of course it’s Monday, it’s a work week and I had to escape out of my office very quietly! I would have loved some of those though, the view could have lasted longer but either way I’m happy to have seen what I did.

Here in Las Vegas, we only got a partial but it was still an amazing experience. It’s almost like the moon took a bite of the sun, and you could see it flicker so beautifully. The crazy thing is, the whole city almost missed it because we woke up to very very loud thunder, rain, and a dark sky. Somehow the beautiful sun made its presence, and shined through right at the eclipse peak time 10:32 PST, and allowed us to be part of this global event.

On days like this, you can just feel the sense of unity and connectivity in the air! Even though we may all be in different parts of the world, we’re all still looking at the same sky, with the same excitement, and experiencing the same moment. Wow! What a beautiful world we live in!

PS: I think this eclipse might have had an effect on the dream I was having right before waking up this morning, it was pretty intense! I will be sharing that with y’all later on today but until then I will leave you with this wonderful image I was able to capture back in June. It gave me the Hibbie Jibbies at first lol. Thanks for reading!



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