My dream on the day of the eclipse.

In continuation of my previous post Total Solar Eclipse in LAS VEGAS, I mentioned that the eclipse might have had an influence on my dream that morning, here it goes…


I was climbing a 3 story building and made my way to a balcony. I was with someone but don’t recall who it was but they had jumped off and told me to do the same but I was too scared so I decided to knock on the tenant’s window to use their front door and made up a story as to why I was I was there. I said something like “I live upstairs and I dropped something” they believed me at first until they saw me take off running and end up finding out that I was lying and so they reported it to the government up in outer space. Which caused the higher ups to put a hit out on earth. These would be the last days, and sure enough, the sky gets dark, and missiles start lighting up the sky, and there are explosions everywhere, and I of course was the target.  I remember running for my life like there was no tomorrow LITERALLY.  

Shortly after I end up finding Shakira’s Apartment, which happened to be in the neighborhood I grew up in. I walk in and felt some what safe, but then looked around and it was filthy and I thought to myself, “hmmm I think she’s a gypsy…(Idk why) I think I got to get out of here”. I was only there a few minutes and then I walked out as she followed and next thing you know she turns into a zombie and starts going after me. I then run to find another place and all the other apartments were full, and no one wanted to let me in because apparently, the world was ending because of me. The explosions got closer and much louder.

Soon enough I wake up in real life to really loud thunder, the loudest thunder I’ve heard in a very long time which shook my house and dimmed my lights. The sky was dark, and the rain was pouring. I was still in a trance and all I could think of was this dream. I wondered if I today, on the day of the Eclipse, would actually be the last day of life on earth. It was the scariest feeling, the dream already felt real enough and then to wake up to this.

Oh heck no I can tell you one thing, that felt like a wake-up call! That there told me, that I need to get my survival skills on point! Had it been the last day, I would have not been ready to drop everything and go! This is something we easily ignore, but the way that things are going, and the way the earth is treated, we may never know how much time we have left. That’s why I thin kit’s important that we value our existence each and every day! Like they say, tomorrow isn’t promised. So let’s make the best of today!

Until next time beauties! Thank you for reading.



Total Solar Eclipse in LAS VEGAS


It has been 99 years since we’ve experienced this beautiful moment! I have always been intrigued by all the activity in the sky, things like Smoke Rings, Super Moons, Planetary Alignments and of course Total Solar Eclipses!

Well, today I actually got to witness this for the first time with my own eyes LITERALLY and it was phenomenal!!!!!!! I was hoping not to go blind after this since I was seeing orange patches on the wall, right after lol horrible right? I didn’t have eclipse glasses but I had to see this because the next one won’t be for awhile and of course it’s Monday, it’s a work week and I had to escape out of my office very quietly! I would have loved some of those though, the view could have lasted longer but either way I’m happy to have seen what I did.

Here in Las Vegas, we only got a partial but it was still an amazing experience. It’s almost like the moon took a bite of the sun, and you could see it flicker so beautifully. The crazy thing is, the whole city almost missed it because we woke up to very very loud thunder, rain, and a dark sky. Somehow the beautiful sun made its presence, and shined through right at the eclipse peak time 10:32 PST, and allowed us to be part of this global event.

On days like this, you can just feel the sense of unity and connectivity in the air! Even though we may all be in different parts of the world, we’re all still looking at the same sky, with the same excitement, and experiencing the same moment. Wow! What a beautiful world we live in!

PS: I think this eclipse might have had an effect on the dream I was having right before waking up this morning, it was pretty intense! I will be sharing that with y’all later on today but until then I will leave you with this wonderful image I was able to capture back in June. It gave me the Hibbie Jibbies at first lol. Thanks for reading!



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Why A Morning Routine Is Essential

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What does your morning consist of? Do you find yourself trying to beat the clock every morning? Do you skip breakfast for the snooze button? If so this is probably one of the first habits you want to transform as quickly as possible for it is the foundation to your lifestyle.

Let’s not get discouraged here you are not alone! I’m right there with you and there is no shame in this game. Fortunately, Self-realization is a step towards the right direction! I’ve started to get in the habit of waking up earlier recently, something I always told myself I would do, only this time I didn’t really have a choice. My husband and I commute together and luckily, he has been scheduled for work much earlier than myself and although I dreaded the thought of it at first, it was honestly a win/win kind of thing.

This was one of those blessings in disguise. You know that saying Mind over Matter? Well, It’s definitely your mind telling you “hey what’s the matter, get back to sleep”! I decided that I was ready for a new outcome and this was my chance to set forth that morning routine I would always envision in my mind when I thought about my perfect day. It’s not like I didn’t want to make a change, I was very much aware of the consequences of sleeping in, and the effect it had on my entire day, and my entire life, my goals, and my dreams! Believe it or not, it even had an effect on my self-esteem overall, for many reasons.

Here are a few:

  1. 5 minutes late habit: Whether you have a long walk to the main entrance or you have a drop-off stop, this one puts your reliability at risk. I’d find myself doing 50 on a 35, taking shortcuts and back streets just to miraculously make it on time. The worse part was the stares you get from everyone when you’re the last one rushing into the office.
  2. You don’t have time to do your hair/makeup (don’t feel your best): Well not only was I sometimes late but I would have no makeup on yet and my hair was rushed and there were times when we were randomly called for a staff meeting, oh man was this the worst. I haven’t even had my coffee yet!!!
  3. You feel rushed and frustrated: With no time to settle in, there were times when I’d get into work my phone would be ringing and my computer wasn’t even on yet, remember those stares? Lol.
  4. You grab fast food or miss breakfast (weight gain, no energy): I’d mainly stop for coffee, but would sometimes pick up one of those greasy breakfast burritos to get by or would skip breakfast all together and both options pretty much have no benefit to your energy or your mental state of mind and not to mention the extra pounds I put on along the way.
  5. The feeling of failure: Throughout these moments of the day, I would tell myself “man you got to wake up earlier and be ahead of the game” I would put myself down for not doing so because I had no one to blame but myself for not being prepared.

I knew that the goal here was to BE PREPARED!!!! You could never go wrong with that.

So, I made the change and you know what it’s getting easier each day. It’s only the first couple minutes that are the hardest, when your Mind & Your Body are in the state between Sleep & Wakefulness, a part of you will come up with all the reasons you should sleep in and you must not give in though, this is the part that will determine how your day will unfold! As my husband tells me on the days when he sees that struggle in my face. “Don’t think about it, just get up and stretch!! You got this baby!” Also, this is one of the best times to jot down dreams while they’re still fresh if you keep a dream book. (I will have a separate post for this one 😊)Overall It’s GREAT for setting intentions for the day it’s almost like the most creative time of your day.

After about a week or so, I started to notice a big difference in my day, in my attitude, and my productivity. It literally felt like I had all the time in the world, and I could conquer the day confidently! I could wake up calmly and decide what tone I would give the day. I could do my Meditations, My Affirmations, Yoga, and my Hair/Makeup efficiently and still have time to prepare a healthy meal all in one morning!! Wow but for real this time, not that story I would tell myself when snoozing “10 more minutes, you’ll have 20 minutes to get it all done, you got this.” YEAH, RIGHT BRAIN!!!

Putting my morning routine in action was a challenge and I’m still working on it till this day but I could see all the benefits, and I have eliminated other bad habits along the way. Besides my morning cup of Coffee & Tea seems to taste better at the break of dawn! And I have found that Cleansing and Saging your home at this time always feels more effective. The energy in the air is so tranquil, you feel the peace within the silence and when you start to see the sunrise, you feel ahead of it all! You know that the day will be filled with nothing but greatness!

So will you let snoozing determine how your day will unfold? Or will you be ready! And give yourself the chance to be prepared and be present in all that you do on a daily basis!What does your Morning Routine look like? I’d love to hear your responses!

Until next time my beauties! Sending you all Much Love & Light!

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