A Lightworker’s Mission


They say before we incarnate we pick our journey, we pick our parents and we pick the struggles we are going to face in order to build our knowledge, to better serve humanity. Either we learn new things or we remember things we have learned in the past. Dejavus specifically are linked back to this concept and for me, this seems to be a true reality. I’ve always felt like I’ve lived many many many lifetimes before, there’s just this sense of familiarity everywhere I go, and they’re specific places that trigger the same Deja Vu over and over again, identically. I know that these things are often ignored, or concealed by scientific explanations but I think life goes far beyond what our minds can grasp, far beyond what our eyes can see.

We feel the air, but we can’t see it, we see the stars but they’re light years away and yet we know its there. Why do we believe that Air is Air, and Stars are Stars? Is it because we’re taught its existence or is it our natural instinct? I use these as just examples, in no way am I saying they aren’t real. What I’m saying is that if these things are real and we can’t see or touch them, then why can’t the other things we aren’t taught to be real, be real, you get me?

I’ve always had the ability to see things for more than what they seem to be, maybe it’s empathy, or maybe they are intact memories. When I was small, I remember thinking to myself,

I’ve lived before, and I completed my cycle, I learned everything there was to learn, I advanced to a world far beyond earth, but I had to come back, I had to help humanity remember, I have to assist with ascension so that finally they can find world peace and we can reach oneness.” 

Till this day I know that’s my mission, and that’s why I’m here. Now this may sound crazy, but I know it’s real and I know I’m sane. Many times I get trapped in the functions of society, and get caught up in lower vibrations and tend to forget that I know my way, and all I have to do is stay in alignment with my higher self. I can feel it in my soul, and I know my truth just like I know my name is Yedi Cardenas. I’m only 22, but my soul feels old, my soul feels tired. Sometimes I got to look in the mirror just to make sure that I’m in the right body, just to make sure that I’m aging accordingly.

When I remember my mission, the discomfort I feel from the struggles I face simply fades away, and the dark clouds I thought we’re hovering over me quickly disappear, almost like I had been imagining them all along. When you remember that you’re living by choice and not by force, there’s this energy that arises, and it uplifts you immediately, it heals all wounds, it releases all fears, you remember who you are, and why you’re here. Everything seems to fall back into place. The chaos is no longer obstructive, you see it but you are not it. You feel it but you are not blocked by it. You then become radiant with light just as you intended.

Don’t ever believe that time is against you for it does not exist, don’t ever believe that your work here is done because you never know when your gonna make a difference. May all your intentions be pure, be love and be aligned with all the greatest things of above, may you always be the best you and may you find reassurance when you feel like you can’t get through. I send you all Much Much Love & Light! I know that silence in your mind can sometimes get so loud, but just remember, you are not alone and you just got to keep on keeping on because each day we get closer and closer to 🌏✌💞…<3.




Love is pure, love is beautiful, love is life. Love is patient, love is accepting, love is unconditional. We all understand love, we all seek love, love is our core essence. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but there’s a special kind of love that we all desire the most. The kind of love that we all fight for, the one that many fear the most “The romantic kind of love.”

This kind of love is a special one, one that has taken over my entire being. A love felt deep within my soul, deep within my veins. Me with out love is me with out life. I’m not afraid to feel the intensity of love, the good and the bad. I’m afraid of the thought of not feeling anything at all. What saddens me is the thought of love becoming extinct.

Love is not perfect, love makes mistakes, love gets tired, love needs restoring. Love is patience, love is learning and love needs understanding. A lot is expected from love, and sometimes love can’t be everything we need it to be but love is love. Love is sometimes quiet and in its silence, it is forgotten but maybe love does respond but no one really listens. Love is not fear, but sometimes fear is louder than love.

There’s no doubt that life will get in the way of love, but it’s up to us to keep love alive, it’s up to us to give love time. Love doesn’t always go away, sometimes it’s us that gives up on love. Love is not easy, but it’s worth it, love is strength and love is value. We have to understand that love will change just like we do, but love is not limited to one fall, you can find love again, no matter what season you’re in.

When you feel empty

“Your soul is like a car it needs maintenance to keep it at its best” -Yedi Cardenas

julia-caesar-15078 (1)

Many times I have found myself with an empty glass, extremely empty so empty that if I were a car with no oil, no gas, and no antifreeze , I would have broken down, and exploded a long time ago. It’s amazing how much our minds can’t take, yet we keep driving and pushing ourselves and no one takes the time to inspect us to make sure we’re running smoothly. It just doesn’t work like that. You just got to take matters into your own hands, DIY to the fullest. As positive as I strive to be, I do have those days where I feel like I’m slipping away, slipping away into this silence because there’s no way to physically show the world that you don’t have anymore to give, that maybe just for one day you need some assistance and if your like me, you have a hard time asking for help because in their eyes

“You’re okay, and you got this”

90% of the time, I do got this! But that 10% sure does get the best of me and my advise to those, when going through your 10%.

Don’t be hard on yourself, take a few moments to send yourself love, breathe and remember that this will soon pass and tomorrow will be another day. Take a moment to meditate, and reflect on all the good things about your life and about yourself, because even if others cant hear you, and can’t see your pain, there is a God, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Go to that beautiful quiet place, where nothing negative exists, where everything is possible, where you are loved unconditionally, and accepted for who you are, go there…and restore yourself with the best kind of love…Self-Divine Love!

Surround yourself with Love and Light and remember that you are special, you are needed! and when your ready come back and conquer another day…❤


Rhyme another passion of mine, where the words and the feels connect perfectly in your mind. Creativity, a spontaneous energy, closets to Divine which brings out the best in me. Is she a rapper or a poet, a writer or a blogger, a little bit of each she has passion and she owns it. Where is she going? Where ever she’s not stuck, her soul is like the waves she has to keep it flowing. Daily Prompt said to rhyme, man am I thankful, sparked something crazy in my mind, I’m seeing life from a different angle. The best by far, I think I found myself again, somewhere amongst the stars. ♥

Much Love!


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Finding your way to your dreams


Dreams are what keeps life interesting, and desire is what keeps us seeking for more. So really we are all dreamers, some more than others. But deep down inside we all KNOW what it is that we want out of our human experience. Many times our vision just gets blurry along the way but it never completely goes away. You know, that urge, that anxiety you feel deep within your soul, all the way down to your toes? That’s your true-self calling out to you, trying to get you to notice her/him again.

Why do we fear this; Why do we choose to conceal our truth? Well, I think it has a lot to do with adulthood, expectations and a logical way of thinking were taught at a very young age. Let me break it down.

  1. Childhood VS Adulthood:  When we are children we see the world so vividly, we have the ability to see our starting point (A) and our desired destination (Z) but at this time our minds have not been exposed to the rest of the letters of the alphabet so to say, (BCDEFG…etc). These letters would represent the experiences throughout our lives that shift your perspective along the way. Experiences that break you down, and build you back up, experiences that will either enlighten you or keep you in the dark, experiences that will officially change the way you viewed the world. Typically we have good influences and support throughout our childhood that will encourage you to dream big, that will tell you that you can be anything you want to be. However, something changes once you reach adulthood, these influences will then start to tell you to be “realistic” when choosing your path.
  2. Expectations: (The Paper Chase): This is the part of your life where only great things are expected of you, and time belongs to everyone and everything but yourself. You are expected to get that degree, the perfect career, perfect house, perfect car along with all the other things that fall into the category of responsibility. 8 hours here, 8 hours there and MAYBE 8 hours for yourself to sleep and do it all over again the next day. Leaving you vulnerable to getting fixed and molded because although we tell ourselves at the beginning that this is temporary, while we figure out what our dream is and how we’re going to pursue it. 90% of the time we get stuck in a routine and never set aside time for ourselves to plot and launch, you’re lucky if you even get a second to stop and reflect.
  3. Logical Thinking: When decision-making, emotions will make their presence but logic always seems to have the upper hand. Maybe we’re wired this way considering our brain works to protect us from what it thinks might be danger BUT don’t you think Danger is defined by what we are taught to fear? One of the biggest things we fear is the Unknown and anything outside of our comfort zone. Do any of these sound familiar, when you think or thought about your dreams?

  • “If you don’t pay your rent, you don’t have a roof over your head”
  • “Steady paychecks guarantee your bills to be paid” 
  • “What if you don’t make the same amount of money, doing what you love”     
  • “What if you don’t make it at all, you’ll lose everything”
  • “What will everyone think of me” 


You see the majority of people spend their lives, hiding from their dreams, being the glue that “holds” everything together, and the doormat to their lives. When they should really be seeking their way to their desired destination. For which every single person on this planet deserves. We weren’t created to just get by, we were created to DREAM, TO LOVE, TO GROW, AND TO DISCOVER EVERYTHING that there is to know about thyself. It’s upsetting to say that there are too many beautiful souls trapped in route, trapped in the limits of their minds, afraid of what may happen if they make a sudden change.

When in reality whether you chase your dreams or not, something will eventually collapse and you get to decide whether it’s going to be in your favor or not. You must find your way to your dreams. That happy place you go to in your mind is real, it’s there waiting for you. You just got to go within and dig a little deeper, because only you have access to the map that’s going to get you there. You must channel that inner child, and allow yourself to be guided by heart, it’ll teach you lessons but it’ll never fail you.

happy 1

We often get nostalgic when we think about those times when we were young, expressive and free. Those times when time itself felt like it was non-existent. Perhaps our souls weren’t exposed to the multiple realities of society but regardless of what society wants you to be, you CAN still be everything and anything YOU want to be. You CAN live a fulfilling life that’s not defined by what others expect of you. You CAN manifest that vision, that was given to you and only you.

Break free from limits, break free and just be! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams! Life is like climbing a mountain, you run into those obstacles that make you feel like you won’t make it and you know there’s no turning back. You fear the thought of falling but when you keep pushing yourself up, you then realize you’re at the top and the world is yours. Nostalgia will quickly fade away because you’re no longer living in the past, you’re living in the now and enjoying your precious present moment. You got this!

Much Love & Light to you all! ♥


Spending too much time on Social Media?

social media

How much time do you spend on Social Media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc.

You’d be surprised how quickly time adds up. Did you know that there are about 2 billion Facebook accounts currently and counting? Very active users spend a minimum of 20-30 minutes on their account each time they log in. Trust me I use to be a one of those and with that being said you’re looking at about 3 hours or MORE of daily activity on social media per user and I’m referring to Facebook alone! Just imagine how much more time is spent on the other sites. There are so many things that easily lead you back to your accounts. The most common are,

  • Tagging yourself to places you’ve visited, many businesses encourage you to follow their page.
  • Sharing photos of what you’re eating/drinking, a lot of phones automatically pull your location now after taking a photo, so you can easily share it on your favorite site.
  • Sharing interesting moments, or things that have happened throughout your day to your friends.
  • Sharing links and sites through automatic social media buttons.

We’re in a new generation and technology has evolved tremendously in the last few years and I think that’s amazing! The fact that we’re able to communicate with tons of people all around the world within seconds, is definitely a great privilege! It’s convenient and there’s so much to explore. It’s easier now for Businesses, Writers, and Musicians etc. to create exposure on social media, to get their best work out there. However, along with those great things, there are disadvantages, and there are other not so great things that can come from spending too much time on social media. So, what happens when you’re consumed by social media? What happens when social media is not so social anymore?

Well, being able to pick and choose what the world sees can sometimes result in an Identity Crisis if you don’t prioritize your real life, you can find yourself in a very lonely place and what was once fun quickly turns into addiction and what was once authentic quickly turns into a fallacy. This is because we all have that better version of ourselves in our mind, and we all work to get there on a daily basis and although it is healthy to envision, you can begin to portray an image of yourself that is not 100% true. Which can be misleading to others and yourself and you can easily get caught up in this virtual reality, and begin to distance yourself from people in the real world, including spouses, children, friends, and family and then find it difficult to make a genuine connection. You can become stagnant and stop working at things in your real life which is horrible because if you’re not growing you’re not living. You know I don’t totally blame social media for this because we have a freedom of choice but I do think that this is a part of evolving and it’s a struggle this generation is going to have to face.

Studies have shown that social media has become the leading cause of divorce and depression; I can see why. People are investing so much time into creating the perfect status and having the most friends, the most likes and the best-filtered pictures and not enough time into their real life (Real Mind, Body and Soul). They start to completely shut out everyone around them and don’t take the time to disconnect so they can cherish that quality time at home with family, which can most definitely lead to affairs on both ends. And if at any moment they feel threatened or they aren’t getting attention or satisfaction from their life, then they just run online and seek approval and to them, it’s like “I know who I am, I’m loved online” but the question is do they know who they are offline? Are they making real accomplishments, are they making healthy decisions? Or Are they jeopardizing everything for a virtual reality?

Untitled 2

I’ve seen people choose social media over relationships, and claim that the other person is exaggerating, insecure, or too controlling. I’ve seen people claim to be the most positive person online and in real life they’re toxic. I’ve seen people claim to have this perfect life online and in real life, it’s not even close. So, what’s going on?? I’m not absolutely sure but I can tell you this.

In 2013 when my husband and I moved in together, I decided to deactivate all my accounts out of respect for him and our commitment but totally by choice and that’s when my journey really started; That was the best decision I could have ever made! So I went MIA, and I told myself that whoever was my real friend online would reach out to me, and would try to stay in contact and vice versa. Whoever I claimed to be online, would most definitely be who I am in real life and I would go out and make opportunities possible for me. I could spread the same amount of awareness, and make the same amount of genuine connections out in the real world.  Not only did this strengthened my character, it strengthened my marriage and my relationships. I got to see my life for what it was.

My goodness and to think that I got so much criticism for doing this, people thought I had gone mad, or that maybe my husband made me do that lol. Considering I was an active user and had my fair share of positive impacts with my music, my poetry and my passion to spread light. But no this was for me, I had to validate my existence by going out into the real world! I had to remind myself that I’m a living human being with the desire to see the entire world and to experience it all first hand.

Years later, I asked my friends that were still online for an update, they showed me news feeds and stuff and I noticed that many users were still in the same spot they were back in 2013. Others had deactivated or weren’t as active. My friends stated that in reality I never missed out on anything. I’m not going to lie I would question if alienating myself was actually the best option. But then I realized I had experienced so much within those years, and learned so much about myself and didn’t feel the need to document every single thing. I found inspiration, I found a new love and drive for life and I stretched myself and found myself in situations outside my comfort zone that built my character.

So, was I spending too much time on social media? Yes, I think so, because now I see that investing those 3 hours into my real life has gotten me farther than I could have ever imagined. So my point is Social Media can be good but can most definitely be bad for you if not used with self-awareness. Respectfully, this is my perspective and may be different for others but I do encourage people to go out there and have those positive experiences! I know life gets busy, but whenever possible pick up the phone instead of shooting a text, get together as much as possible with friends and family and make those memories count because at the end of the day that’s what makes life so darn special.

Thanks for reading. Much Love!♥

What’s on your mind?


I love when you find yourself in a place with such positive vibes. You realize that maybe your not having a bad day after all, and maybe life isn’t that bad and maybe there is more people like you, with the same intention. It’s just a matter of changing your environment or changing your routine. You got to get out there and find those great vibes! Find those great experiences and have those uplifting conversations because isolation can get quite lonely sometimes, and it can make you feel stagnant. A simple genuine smile can turn your whole day around! So go out there and exist and when you’re ready to recharge, go back to that place we all love the most. HOME❤ #JustAThought

What’s on your mind?

My dream on the day of the eclipse.

In continuation of my previous post Total Solar Eclipse in LAS VEGAS, I mentioned that the eclipse might have had an influence on my dream that morning, here it goes…


I was climbing a 3 story building and made my way to a balcony. I was with someone but don’t recall who it was but they had jumped off and told me to do the same but I was too scared so I decided to knock on the tenant’s window to use their front door and made up a story as to why I was I was there. I said something like “I live upstairs and I dropped something” they believed me at first until they saw me take off running and end up finding out that I was lying and so they reported it to the government up in outer space. Which caused the higher ups to put a hit out on earth. These would be the last days, and sure enough, the sky gets dark, and missiles start lighting up the sky, and there are explosions everywhere, and I of course was the target.  I remember running for my life like there was no tomorrow LITERALLY.  

Shortly after I end up finding Shakira’s Apartment, which happened to be in the neighborhood I grew up in. I walk in and felt some what safe, but then looked around and it was filthy and I thought to myself, “hmmm I think she’s a gypsy…(Idk why) I think I got to get out of here”. I was only there a few minutes and then I walked out as she followed and next thing you know she turns into a zombie and starts going after me. I then run to find another place and all the other apartments were full, and no one wanted to let me in because apparently, the world was ending because of me. The explosions got closer and much louder.

Soon enough I wake up in real life to really loud thunder, the loudest thunder I’ve heard in a very long time which shook my house and dimmed my lights. The sky was dark, and the rain was pouring. I was still in a trance and all I could think of was this dream. I wondered if I today, on the day of the Eclipse, would actually be the last day of life on earth. It was the scariest feeling, the dream already felt real enough and then to wake up to this.

Oh heck no I can tell you one thing, that felt like a wake-up call! That there told me, that I need to get my survival skills on point! Had it been the last day, I would have not been ready to drop everything and go! This is something we easily ignore, but the way that things are going, and the way the earth is treated, we may never know how much time we have left. That’s why I thin kit’s important that we value our existence each and every day! Like they say, tomorrow isn’t promised. So let’s make the best of today!

Until next time beauties! Thank you for reading.


Total Solar Eclipse in LAS VEGAS


It has been 99 years since we’ve experienced this beautiful moment! I have always been intrigued by all the activity in the sky, things like Smoke Rings, Super Moons, Planetary Alignments and of course Total Solar Eclipses!

Well, today I actually got to witness this for the first time with my own eyes LITERALLY and it was phenomenal!!!!!!! I was hoping not to go blind after this since I was seeing orange patches on the wall, right after lol horrible right? I didn’t have eclipse glasses but I had to see this because the next one won’t be for awhile and of course it’s Monday, it’s a work week and I had to escape out of my office very quietly! I would have loved some of those though, the view could have lasted longer but either way I’m happy to have seen what I did.

Here in Las Vegas, we only got a partial but it was still an amazing experience. It’s almost like the moon took a bite of the sun, and you could see it flicker so beautifully. The crazy thing is, the whole city almost missed it because we woke up to very very loud thunder, rain, and a dark sky. Somehow the beautiful sun made its presence, and shined through right at the eclipse peak time 10:32 PST, and allowed us to be part of this global event.

On days like this, you can just feel the sense of unity and connectivity in the air! Even though we may all be in different parts of the world, we’re all still looking at the same sky, with the same excitement, and experiencing the same moment. Wow! What a beautiful world we live in!

PS: I think this eclipse might have had an effect on the dream I was having right before waking up this morning, it was pretty intense! I will be sharing that with y’all later on today but until then I will leave you with this wonderful image I was able to capture back in June. It gave me the Hibbie Jibbies at first lol. Thanks for reading!



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Why A Morning Routine Is Essential

carli-jeen-365 smaller vers

What does your morning consist of? Do you find yourself trying to beat the clock every morning? Do you skip breakfast for the snooze button? If so this is probably one of the first habits you want to transform as quickly as possible for it is the foundation to your lifestyle.

Let’s not get discouraged here you are not alone! I’m right there with you and there is no shame in this game. Fortunately, Self-realization is a step towards the right direction! I’ve started to get in the habit of waking up earlier recently, something I always told myself I would do, only this time I didn’t really have a choice. My husband and I commute together and luckily, he has been scheduled for work much earlier than myself and although I dreaded the thought of it at first, it was honestly a win/win kind of thing.

This was one of those blessings in disguise. You know that saying Mind over Matter? Well, It’s definitely your mind telling you “hey what’s the matter, get back to sleep”! I decided that I was ready for a new outcome and this was my chance to set forth that morning routine I would always envision in my mind when I thought about my perfect day. It’s not like I didn’t want to make a change, I was very much aware of the consequences of sleeping in, and the effect it had on my entire day, and my entire life, my goals, and my dreams! Believe it or not, it even had an effect on my self-esteem overall, for many reasons.

Here are a few:

  1. 5 minutes late habit: Whether you have a long walk to the main entrance or you have a drop-off stop, this one puts your reliability at risk. I’d find myself doing 50 on a 35, taking shortcuts and back streets just to miraculously make it on time. The worse part was the stares you get from everyone when you’re the last one rushing into the office.
  2. You don’t have time to do your hair/makeup (don’t feel your best): Well not only was I sometimes late but I would have no makeup on yet and my hair was rushed and there were times when we were randomly called for a staff meeting, oh man was this the worst. I haven’t even had my coffee yet!!!
  3. You feel rushed and frustrated: With no time to settle in, there were times when I’d get into work my phone would be ringing and my computer wasn’t even on yet, remember those stares? Lol.
  4. You grab fast food or miss breakfast (weight gain, no energy): I’d mainly stop for coffee, but would sometimes pick up one of those greasy breakfast burritos to get by or would skip breakfast all together and both options pretty much have no benefit to your energy or your mental state of mind and not to mention the extra pounds I put on along the way.
  5. The feeling of failure: Throughout these moments of the day, I would tell myself “man you got to wake up earlier and be ahead of the game” I would put myself down for not doing so because I had no one to blame but myself for not being prepared.

I knew that the goal here was to BE PREPARED!!!! You could never go wrong with that.

So, I made the change and you know what it’s getting easier each day. It’s only the first couple minutes that are the hardest, when your Mind & Your Body are in the state between Sleep & Wakefulness, a part of you will come up with all the reasons you should sleep in and you must not give in though, this is the part that will determine how your day will unfold! As my husband tells me on the days when he sees that struggle in my face. “Don’t think about it, just get up and stretch!! You got this baby!” Also, this is one of the best times to jot down dreams while they’re still fresh if you keep a dream book. (I will have a separate post for this one 😊)Overall It’s GREAT for setting intentions for the day it’s almost like the most creative time of your day.

After about a week or so, I started to notice a big difference in my day, in my attitude, and my productivity. It literally felt like I had all the time in the world, and I could conquer the day confidently! I could wake up calmly and decide what tone I would give the day. I could do my Meditations, My Affirmations, Yoga, and my Hair/Makeup efficiently and still have time to prepare a healthy meal all in one morning!! Wow but for real this time, not that story I would tell myself when snoozing “10 more minutes, you’ll have 20 minutes to get it all done, you got this.” YEAH, RIGHT BRAIN!!!

Putting my morning routine in action was a challenge and I’m still working on it till this day but I could see all the benefits, and I have eliminated other bad habits along the way. Besides my morning cup of Coffee & Tea seems to taste better at the break of dawn! And I have found that Cleansing and Saging your home at this time always feels more effective. The energy in the air is so tranquil, you feel the peace within the silence and when you start to see the sunrise, you feel ahead of it all! You know that the day will be filled with nothing but greatness!

So will you let snoozing determine how your day will unfold? Or will you be ready! And give yourself the chance to be prepared and be present in all that you do on a daily basis!What does your Morning Routine look like? I’d love to hear your responses!

Until next time my beauties! Sending you all Much Love & Light!

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